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Beginning My Somiibo Journey Empty Beginning My Somiibo Journey

Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:39 am
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Hello Somiibo community!

I have just begun my journey with Somiibo. I discovered Somiibo searching the internet for Spotify automation bots. I saw all of the other features Somiibo offers and immediately downloaded and upgraded to premium. I discovered you have to be accepted as a Beta Tester to use the Spotify Bot, put in my application and am hoping to get selected. I have joined the Somiibo forum and will remain an active user in hopes of getting accepted, and for overall interaction with the Somiibo community. I didn't realize that this many people used the program, which is wonderful because sites and applications that revolve around social media should always have an engaged community behind it, and I am so exited to start this journey. While my application is being processed I plan on utilizing the rest of the awesome features on Somiibo and will post updates here as my journey continues.
Ya'll wish me luck on my beta application Smile

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Beginning My Somiibo Journey Empty Re: Beginning My Somiibo Journey

Wed Apr 29, 2020 4:24 pm
Hey Caleb,
Sorry for the delayed response. We are more active on our discord regarding support as well as an active and friendly community which it seems you would fit right Smile
Go to Somiibo Discord Server
Trust me its worth it💯
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