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Soundcloud Settings Empty Soundcloud Settings

Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:06 am
Hey guys,

what are the best Settings on Soundcloud Promo in your Opinion?
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Soundcloud Settings Empty Re: Soundcloud Settings

Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:36 pm
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We've found that most of the promo bots are very effective if you use modest like/follow/repost action rates, strict filters, and effective hashtags + search phrases.

For example:

10% follow, 25% or 50% like, and 25% repost
Min followers 100, max followers 50000
Min following 100, max following 700
Min likes 0, max likes 500
Min number of posts 3
Max post age 60

This strategy will, in theory, follow the profiles that are most likely to follow you back. It's a numbers game, but you don't always want a high quantity of potential followers, rather high quality potential followers.

Not every promo module has these exact settings (no repost on IG, for example) but you can apply the same idea to any promo module as the underlying strategy is the same for all of the promo modules (IG, SC, Twitr, etc.)
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