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Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:31 pm

Got couple of suggestions, hope this is the right place to drop it, please move it to different section is required.

I've been using Twitter & Instagram bot a lot, the Instagram bot is working really well for me.

Instagram Suggestion:

1. Exclude usernames: Right now we don't have control over who the bot follows, I suggest that you add an option to exclude some usernames so that the bot never follows them. I unfollowed some users which the bot followed as they weren't my target audience. But the bot ended up following them again when I ran the bot again.

2. Comment on posts

3. Follow all the users of a profile

4. Follow usernames from .csv list

Twitter Suggestions:

1. Exclude usernames(refer above why)

2. Comment

3. Retweet with comments

4. Follow all the users of a profile

5. Follow usernames from .csv list

Thank you,
Jijo Jose
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