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on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:54 am
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Hey guys,

My name is Kevin DaSilva... Im a huge fan of Somiibo. Im about to launch a website called Viralizers. I actually built it and created content you see on my websites which is my company name Viralizers plus .com which i did in 2012. But believe me when I tell you... Content is 5 years old but still way better than anything being taught by "experts" today.

I was about to launch but a consulting client at the time offered me a partnership in two companies of his in a different niche... It was a great offer, I see it as an opportunity to prove my formulas... So I took it... We did seven figures in 11 months without spending a penny on traffic. We did 7 million before having to buy leads and ads because we wanted to scale.

Even making all that money, I was miserable. Because all I was doing was all the marketing, web design, writing copy, etc, etc. Everything except customer service and creating content

I missed helping people and talking with other people that shared my passion. I didnt care anything about trading. So few months ago I left those companies to actually launch Viralizers... And Im also going to be launching TrafficFormulas and KevinDaSilva . (again both are .com's). Right now im still design some of the sites and setting up membership features. So the posts for example on Traffic Formulas are just test content for testing purpose. But give it 3 weeks and all sites, although Viralizers already is now full of killer content.

Im a huge believer in building a tribe by sharing your ideas for free. And then for example, if they need something like Somiibo to implement formulas you teach them... You become an affiliate and earn commissions.

i.e Which of the following is smarter and better?

A. What most experts would tell you to do... Take your content and sell it for $27 such as an ebook or something... RUn some ads, only 2% will buy (aka 2 out of every 100 people... So even if you spent $1000 to generate 1000 clicks... You got 20 people that know who you are and bough your ebook) Then harass those 20 people trying to get them to buy more stuff.


B. Implement the Viralizers Strategy of building a tribe of what we call "Viralizer Fans" (not just followers of compeitors but the ones that have RECENTLY shared that competitors stuff... So we know they are ACTIVELY interested in your niche topic, we know they will share content related to your topic (which probably also means their followers/friends are also interested in that topic, otherwise why share it). Again this is all built for free.

THEN you simply share all of your best ideas... FOR FREE with those "Viralizer Fans!"

They will in turn share it with all of their friends and followers and those followers will do the same (usually because you wanna also incentivize them to do so).

Now, inside that amazing content... You say, hey guys, to automate this killer strategies... You can use xyz automations service... Which is usually $___ but we have worked out an exlcusive deal for our clients which is 50% less... AND if you buy using this link "yourafflink" then I will give you a bonus video series showing you how i setup and use this service everyday.

I bet you any money... IF YOURE CONTENT IS REALLY GOOD AND VALUABLE... That probably 10-20x number of people will convert. BUT, biggest difference is what?

That out of the 1000 first people that came to your website... Because they were NOT greeted with some brick wall (aka Optin page) or some other bullshit funnel... But you greeted them wiuth nothing but insane value, better than others charge money for.

Guess whatll happen. probably 80% will walk away remembering your company name, wanting more and trusting you.

NOW, you didnt ask for email... Some poeple must be saying thats stupid or crazy because now you cant follow up... Of course we can.

I said I like to provide value for free... I didnt say this was a charity!

As long as they walk away wanting more and trusting you and your brand... You are going to crush it because you drop a RETARGETING PIXEL on their computer. (aka YOU WILL ACTUALLY CAPTURE 100% OF THE PEOPLE THAT VISIT YOUR SITE)... Versus, what, if youre lucky 20% that would have opted in if sent direct to Optin Page? Which of course, anyone who knows traffic... Knows that at least 50% (if not more)... WONT EVEN OPEN EMAIL #1. NEVER MIND by week 3-4. By then only 7-10% (if youre really good at writing copy and emails)... WIll still open your emails. NOW, EVEN OF THOSE THAT OPEN... ONLY, AGAIN IF YOURE REALLY GOOD... 30-40% WILL ACTUALLY CLICK THE LINKS IN YOUR EMAILS!

so lets say you buy 10,000 clicks following their (current experts out there) model... And lets say $1 per click. That means you just spent $10,000 for those clicks.

20% opt-in and give you their email address = 2000 people

50% of those people open your first email - 1000 people opened email

35% click the link in email = 350 clickers go to landing page

lets even say 5% buy your thing = thats 17 people thatd buy.

BUT, remember by week 3 or 4... Those that open your emails will be cut by 80%, meaning youll only get 200 opens and maybe 60 clicks.


Use the Viralizers Model... Youll quickly build a 7 figure company as we did... And heres the best part, my business partner (whih I didnt know at the time I joined his company)... Actually wasnt great at trading. He was a passionate teacher. But he sucked at trading and I knew nothing so I couldnt teach. Yet we still made 7 million over 4 years. ALL FREE TRAFFIC from doing the above and when he would generate enough free content as I wanted... I did multi-speaker events and invited best experts... And use that webinar replays as the freeline content.

Hope this helps. ANd if youre interested in what we talked about... Please go to Viralizers and ill tell you more.. Including about our plugin Im about to release to public for first time that drops retargeting pixels on anyone who clicks "Viralizer Links" (aka links created with our plugin, which are redirect links to ANY WEBPAGE ON THE INTERNET, but that drop your retargeting pixel)..

i.e. So you could link to an article on CNN about how to get six pack abs.. Go into any social media group on any site about fitness... Share thise Viralizer Link (which would be yourdomain followed by "/whateverslugyouwant" which would redirect to that cnn article... And any one who clicks, gets put into your custom audiences on Facebook, on Google Adwords AND ALSO, you can add UTM's which are tracked in Google Analytics... AGAIN USING OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT! ;-)

See where Im going with that? think about it. I dont wanna give away too many of our secrets, but its going to allow anyone... EVEN THOSE THAT DO NOT WANT TO CREATE CONTENT OR BE "THEE EXPERT"... ANd maybe just wanna talk about Politics or being a fan of the New England Patriots. Now you can, by sharing other peoples content with links made by our plugin which you install on your Wordpress blog... And then you can build audiences of people knowing EXACTLY WHAT THEY LIKE TO CLICK ON AND WHAT THEY ARE MOSTLY TO WANT TO BUY!

i.e If you ran ads to people who clicked on that link for CNN article... WHat would you promote? Maybe an affiliate product on how to get six pack abs ;-)

You starting to follow me? Believe me, I could go on and on and continue to blow you mind as to the power of this. BUT, as I said earlier... Always leave them wanting more ;-)

Your friend,
Kevin DaSilva

P.S. follow me on Twitter at @KevinDaSilva or on Instagram @TrafficFormulas or @_KevinDaSilva on facebook fan page @kevindasilvafans
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