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Project Phoenix : Rebirth- Please Read Empty Project Phoenix : Rebirth- Please Read

on Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:19 am
Sooo I'm Damion.
I'm a premium member who wishes to help this software grow. Why do I wish for it to grow? Well simply its because with growth comes more money. More money leads to the developers being able to devote more time to Somiibo. Which in turn give us a top notch bot.

Our society is all about take, take, take... but I think we should give back in this instance. They already do so much.. and I don't want them to give up.


Everyone give some ideas below of what you think would improve ANYTHING!! Nothing to big or small.

Also if you have ideas on ways to get more premium members because It is honestly worth it in my opinion. I'm also not a sponsor or nor was I asked to make this post.

I just want to be part of the growth of this amazing product and benefit in the long run by having a top of the line software.
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