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Forty Days Wealth Challenge 2 All Empty Forty Days Wealth Challenge 2 All

on Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:19 am
[*]Hi I am Daniel Kwesi Ansah,

[b]Intuitive Business and Success Coach. Welcome to the Miracle Money Mastery Meditation Affirmations.

This article is filled with 108 Life Transforming Affirmations that express the mindset of a successful and empowered leader. As you are creating your own
thriving, passion-infused life and business, you will benefit greatly by opening yourself to receive these thoughts and seek ways to embody them. Affirmations work best when you are able to receive them on a deep level. This can happen during meditation, exploring nature, essentially when you are in a state of relaxation or a higher state of awareness.

I invite you to relax, deepen your breath, open your mind and receive these Miracle Money Mastery Affirmations. Affirmations create transformation best when you repeat them in the morning right after you wake up and also at night right before you are falling asleep or when you are in a relaxed state. I encourage you to repeat them 2 times per day for a minimum of 40 days. When you do you will be amazed at the results and mindset shifts that happen for you.
Feel the energy in each word. Assume the feeling of each affirmation by feeling the joy and the expanded state you are in.

I want you to know it is your divine right to be rich. You are here to lead an abundant life and be happy, radiant and free. You deserve to have all of the money you need to lead a full, happy and prosperous life. You are here to grow, expand and unfold spiritually, mentally and materially.
You have the Divine right to fully develop and express yourself in every area. Surround yourself with beauty and luxury. Enjoy the riches that you are meant to experience. Meditating on the singular world “WEALTH” has the simple power to draw it into your life increasingly. Notice how you feel just by speaking the word “WEALTH” out loud or silently to yourself. You probably feel expansive and full. Let’s get started.

1. I know my value and I believe in it.
2. I take exquisite care of myself.
3. I am committed to creating thriving wealth.
4. I am sacred I am worthy and whole.
5. It is easy for me to translate my unique gifts and talents into clear offers that make money.
6. The energy of wealth pulses through my being with an ecstatic current.
7. I stand out in the market place because I am aligned, unique and authentic.
8. I am constantly increasing my income.
9. I change people’s lives with what I do.
10. I have a clear schedule that matches my unique rhythm and flow.
11. I am worthy of success  
12. Success increases my freedom in life.
13. I am very comfortable with success and I invite it into my life.
14. I am a role model for wild success because I live and breathe it.
15. I am profitable.
16. I am free.
17. I am in luxurious surroundings inspired by beauty.
18. I have fun glorious experiences planned each week that I look forward to with excitement.
19. My closest friends are wildly successful and encourage, support and inspire me.
20. I am all knowing and all-important.
21. I travel regularly to exotic new places and a sense of adventure invigorates my mind, body and soul.
22. Clients come to me effortlessly and they are excited to invest in what I am offering.
23. I am deeply loved and supported by all that is. 24. I take time regularly to connect with my deepest desires, imagining my vision coming into fruition.
25. I love myself enough to let go of feelings that do not serve me, so that I can give myself all of the joy, freedom, happiness and excitement I need.
26. I relax in abundance trusting that my every need is taken care of.
27. I regain my power and I am free to BE.
28. My inspiration is endless.
29. I am free to be wealthy, abundant, generous, excited and rich.
30. I forgive myself and I am joyous that I am now free.
31. I am honored for sharing my gifts.
32. I am masterful at showing my clients all of the possibilities waiting for them.
33. I am the leader of powerful events and programs.
34. I am successful at being me and expressing my true nature.
35. I generate massive abundance easily and continuously.
36. I feel expansive.
37. I am honored for sharing my unique gifts and talents.
38. Money comes to me on a continuous basis easily and effortlessly.
39. I trust that the right people come to work with me.
40. It is safe for me to be visible.
41. I create unlimited abundance and enjoy it.
42. I feel at peace within.
43. I travel regularly to places that nourish my Spirit and recharge my soul.
44. I take exquisite self-care and spend time doing activities I love regularly.
45. I luxuriate in enjoyment.
46. I generously contribute to causes that inspire me.
47. I have a team that is passionate about my work and desires, that love helping me.
48. I am connected to my essence.
49. I am masterful at creating success.
50. I feel deeply cared for and abundantly provided for.
51. I am happy.
52. I have a full business with clients that love me.
53. I am the creator of my own destiny.
54. I am beautiful inside and out.
55. I love myself no matter what.
56. I open up to the miracles in every moment and respond to them creatively.
57. I am significant.
58. I am enough.
59. I have the freedom to create and be my fullest self.
60. The world needs me to be my BIG huge shining self.
61. I honor my sacred being and creativity.
62. I continuously create massive wealth and multiple streams of income.
63. I am living a life I love.
64. I fulfill the vision of my highest self.
65. I am choosing my best life in each moment.
66. It is safe for me to be my beautiful brilliant self.
67. I am a fearless abundant expression of the Divine.
68. I value money because I value myself.
69. I open my heart to give and receive love.
70. I am love and I give and receive it freely.
71. I am worthy of experiencing all forms of abundance.
72. I am supported and nurtured by the universe and myself as I step out fully to live my mission.
73. Thank you God for all of the blessings that I have and all of the blessings that I am receiving.
74. I am a talented, beautiful spirit with a huge capacity to transform many lives and impact the world.
75. I am connected to the fullness of my power and express it with gratitude.
76. I have clear boundaries in my business and in my personal life.
77. I am relaxed and at ease.
78. I give myself permission to continue generating more and more money.
79. I am at peace with the choices I make.
80. I live my life from my highest intention.
81. I focus on one thing at a time.
82. My choices fulfill my highest vision of myself.
83. I embrace the values and money habits of a wealthy person.
84. I always have a BIG money “why”.
85. I value making and keeping money.
86. I pay attention to money in positive and expansive ways.
87. I am the leader in my life with money.
88. I am abundant because I am authentic.
89. Everything is happening right on time.
90. I am worthy and willing to receive the abundance all around me.
91. Money flows into my life in an endless stream - and I am going with the money flow!
92. The more I expand into my True self the more money I make.
93. I am open to all forms of abundance.
94. I am open to the flow of abundance from known and unknown sources.
95. I hold the big vision while I take smaller actions moving me quickly to my dreams and desires.
96. I see wonders and miracles on this perfect day.
97. I surround myself with success.
98. I take time to vision my desires and see them unfold, as I trust.
99. I forgive those who have hurt me. I let go and I am free.
100. I am blessed in every way with happiness, success and true achievement.
101. I am a spark of the Divine and that energy flows through me.
102. I am grateful for all of the beauty and opportunity in my life.
103. Prosperity is my Divine heritage.
104. I love receiving abundance and luxury.
105. I am open to receiving all the abundance the universe offers on a daily basis and share it with gratitude and joy.
106. I always have plenty of time for what I enjoy doing.
107. I am valued for who I am and abundantly taken care of no matter what.
108. I live and enjoy an extraordinary life.

If you are ready to miraculously transform your money mindset and eliminate false money beliefs for good, contact me  today at  to
schedule a complimentary money mindset makeover session.

May God bless each of you reading this beyond your wildest imagination
and may you be humble and gracious enough to fully receive those gifts.

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