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Crash and other improvements Empty Crash and other improvements

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:10 am
Hello guys,

I've tried the Somiibo with a premium account and I've to say that I really like it. Beside this there's some thing I want to share with you to see if you can improve it.

1 - Crashes: I'm using OSX.10.12.6 with the lastest Somiibo version and it keep crashing after some hours of work.
2 - in "Soundcloud Promo" the "comment on tracks" and "Message Users" are blocked on yes. If it's still a developing features please put those on off and write that they are not working.

4 - One of the biggest problem after a crash is to re-open again all tabs and put config and login into the social, it's literally a waste of time. Can you save the preferences of a tab and reopen it after a crash, or in general?

5 - Unfollow: there's any way to unfollow or track the unfollow function in the Soundcloud Promo? since this is a premium service I expect you will cover the subject more completly.

6 - change the color of the play button when it's running. That green colour isn't really the best for understand if the play is running or not.

That's all for now, hope that this will help in develop a better app, you are doing great but I'm really curious about the new releases and functionalities.

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Crash and other improvements Empty Re: Crash and other improvements

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:34 am
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, most of them are being worked on st the moment and will be included in future updates. We’re working on making the workflow more efficient, one of our new features will the saving and loading of custom profiles to make module setup faster

We’re investigsting the crashing and are actively working on a solution as we are aware it is happening to a few users. It will take some time to figure out so we appreciate your patience.
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