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Why is SoundCloud play+ so slow?... Empty Why is SoundCloud play+ so slow?...

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:17 am
I just watched multiple YouTube videos of a competitor SoundCloud bot that got 3k+ plays in 2 minutes, (which actually counted)...

Meanwhile, I'm yet to get past 600 plays per hour with Somiibo (I've constantly played with settings and proxies), even running multiple modules hasn't helped...

Also the bot is so unstable that it never manages to run for more than 2 hours tops without crashing.

I pay for premium and haven't even been admitted into the "premium lounge" (I requested access) and I've applied for the beta (twice) to compare the Spotify and YouTube modules but meh...

Idk anymore fam Rolling Eyes, this has been totally frustrating and I've read through forum posts and YouTube comments (on Somiibo's channel) that confirm the bot has gotten slower with time?...

so once upon a time it was faster? what the hell happened -.-
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Why is SoundCloud play+ so slow?... Empty Re: Why is SoundCloud play+ so slow?...

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:15 pm
Somiibo simulates real plays which are safer but unfortunately a bit slower. We will look into the crashing and such but we did release a new update this evening which will fix some of the general crashing issues. Thanks for understanding let me know if it is any better.

I'll add you to the premium lounge but our beta tester program is full at the moment.
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