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Saved sessions and others bug, new ideas... Empty Saved sessions and others bug, new ideas...

on Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:33 pm

1) I use somiibo with 20 sessions at the same time.
I need to see/modify some sessions manually.
Can you tell me where are saved cookies/temp files of each sessions ?
I use always the same 20 sessions. Is this possible to save all the open tab and have them again for the next restart ?

2) Right click > copy and paste not working from many months

3) I have a session named "session1", i go to a website, i have an ID counting the view. If i close this session and go back to this session 1 i have the same ID. Good. But now if i close and delete this session, make a new one with the same name "session1" i have the same ID too. I tryed to change my IP but the same append, same ID. Its not normal. Like it all cookies from the precedent session was not deleted right. Only if i make a new session with a different name i have a new ID. Are you sure all the information of a session are deleted right ?

4) I need to work with more than 20 tabs, but impossible, with a full HD screen, after 20 tabs, i cant see new ones.

5) Is it possible to add an option on the right click on the tab to save it at a new session and give it a name.

6) in the proxy browser a possibility to add the destination adress. and this address saved in the session.

7) a possibility to save in a session the module used and the adress.

Cool a possibility to make a "snapshot" of all tab open could be a really good option. With one click you can open all the saved session you want. Or somiibo recors all the opened tab when exit. After a relaunch of the soft, all tab are already opened Smile

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Saved sessions and others bug, new ideas... Empty Re: Saved sessions and others bug, new ideas...

on Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:34 pm
These are some good suggestions I will look into seeing if they can be implemented. We're already working on some more improvements for Sessions and some of these ideas are in the works, like the "open previous sessions". Thanks!
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