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Get Somiibo Premium Status on the Forums - Page 2 Empty Re: Get Somiibo Premium Status on the Forums

on Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:09 pm
iamCrownJewels wrote:What's up with the beta-tester progarm? I've applied and still nothing. Not even confirmation. And why must we register on a music site just to get access? The process sounds fraudulent. I'd rather buy my way into it. The issue i'm having is no one wants to get the programs because they fear risk of malware so i'm unable to get the lifetime premium. And nobody is giving information on beta-tester. I'd like to just pay you a certain amount of money for the lifetime premium and beta-tester access if possible. Please give me a purchase amount and i'll pay it.

Hello, at the moment the BETA TESTER PROGRAM all the slots are full. so please be patient on it, also is not about the money im sure lan working hard for give us the best experience with the software Smile
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