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Support Rules & FAQ Empty Support Rules & FAQ

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:39 pm
Hello Somiiboers,

Before posting here, there are 3 simple things you can do to rule out almost any issue with Somiibo.

  1. Close every tab and re-open them
  2. Restart Somiibo by closing it entirely and re-opening it
  3. Reinstall Somiibo by downloading the latest version of Somiibo

In order for our developers and support technicians to most effectively solve your issues, your bug reports need to fulfill a certain format. Please include the following in your post:

  1. OS: Which operating system are you using? (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.9, etc)
  2. OS location: Are you using a desktop, laptop, virtual machine, or VPS?
  3. Premium or Basic: Are you a free user or a premium user?
  4. Error: What are you experiencing?
  5. Reproducibility: Can this error be reproduced? How can this error be reproduced?
  6. How long: How long have you been experiencing this?

Please also include any screenshots or additional information that you think might help us

By following this format, it will allow our developers, moderators and administrators to clearly understand the issue and help us figure out how we can fix it.
Often times common issues are posted multiple times. Try checking to see if you issue has been posted before!

Thank you for your attention, we appreciate your time for reporting a bug. This is an important contribution from our community towards Somiibo!

Do not PM a mod asking for personal support, we will not respond. It is acceptable to PM if you have a billing question or an account question.

If you want personal technical support please consider supporting Somiibo with Somiibo premium to access these perks.


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