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violation's Journey

on Mon May 21, 2018 4:39 am
I've recently started using this program and I'm falling in love with it. I felt like I needed to have some sort of journey thread and an update on how it's going for me with all my social medias. I'm mainly going to be using Soundcloud Play and Soundcloud Promote modules and hopefully the Spotify module. I might use twitter or instagram modules, but at the moment I have no plans of using them intensively.
Big thanks to the Somiibo team for this great program. I'm glad to be apart of it's community.

2018-05-21 (YY-MM-DD)
Started using the modules on my song on Soundcloud. Already got about 100 plays in like 30 min or so. I'm gonna let it be on and use the promo module and see if anything changes. I'll let you guys know.
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